Telecommunications Audit

Assess your telecommunications networks, service records, agreements, and more to ensure you’re getting the most benefit from your telecommunications solutions.

The main purpose of an audit is to establish governance with industry standards and policies. It is also a means to establish where more favourable solutions can be adopted to ensure the business is getting the most out of their systems and solutions. It’s a management tool that has shown immense value in the corporate sector, and now equally in technology management.

A telecommunications audit is a reconciliation of services and hardware that can range from simple to in-depth, depending on your business needs. We analyse your telecom expenses and draw comparisons between your existing expenditure and other more cost-effective solutions. Ultimately, an audit helps us find a telecommunications solution that best matches your business requirements, telecom needs, and budget.

Benefits of a Telecommunications Audit

Cost Optimisation

With more businesses operating remotely due to COVID-19, optimising costs for telecommunications has become essential. A telecom audit can show you where to reduce capital and operating expenditure by identifying more optimal solutions.

Rate Negotiation and Reallocation

Our connections with service providers in the telecommunications industry will serve your best interests in terms of rates. We negotiate the most favourable rates for your exact requirements and then reallocate your expenditure so that it’s used where you need it most.

Detailed Overview of Usage

Understand what you’re paying for and where. The telecommunications audit will deliver a detailed asset register of every device that has been allocated within your business. You will be able to see how much you’re paying for each device, as well as the expenses being generated from each employee.

Align Services with Staff Needs

Once you understand the expenses generated per employee, you can identify where services are going to waste and where further capabilities need to be added. Employees that require roaming or extended call times might benefit from different packages to those who only use data. Services that are no longer required can be disconnected.

A telecommunications audit will help you firm up a solid solution that best serves your business and employees, while reducing your capital and operating expenses.

Are you ready to cut costs and optimize your telecommunications solutions?