Telecommunications Audit: Identify Issues, Lower Costs

A telecommunications audit examines a business’s telecommunications system to discover the best setup for better productivity and cost savings.

Let’s look at how a telecommunications audit finds discrepancies in existing services, and ways to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Why you need a telecommunications audit

A telecommunications audit is a reconciliation of services and hardware, analysing communication expenses and identifying more cost-effective solutions. The outcome is solutions that best match your business requirements, communication needs and budget.

The key is to find better rates on telecommunication services and reallocate savings towards other business goals.

What a telecommunications audit examines

A telecommunications audit will record where you are spending excessively; for example, you could be spending 10% more on a plan than you need to. The audit also checks:

  • If you have a register of the devices allocated to your staff.
  • The cost of telecommunications per staff member.
  • Those staff members who consume a lot of data.

Telecommunications Audit: Identify Issues, Lower Costs / ArbITrium Technologies / ArbITech

Because auditors are streamlining specialists, they can quickly and objectively review your business and prepare a report containing advice on how to bridge any gaps. You may have a latent capability or an underused resource that is immediately obvious to an external auditor, but goes unnoticed when you’re focusing on day-to-day activities.

Results of your telecommunications audit

Once the audit is complete, your consultant will be able to shed light on several areas of your system. These include:

Cost optimisation

Showing where you can reduce capital and operating expenditure with streamlined services.

Rate negotiation and reallocation

Negotiating the most favourable rates for your exact requirements so you can reallocate savings elsewhere.

Detailed usage overview

An asset register of all your devices and networks, showing exactly what you have to work with and where you can improve.

Aligning services with staff needs

Once you understand how staff use the system, you can boost access where needed and cut back on unnecessary SLAs. Services that are no longer required can be disconnected.

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Telecommunications Audit: Identify Issues, Lower Costs / ArbITrium Technologies / ArbITech