Cloud-Based Communication Solutions for Continuity

COVID-19 has turned the traditional workplace on its head. Remote working is now the norm, and organisations need to adopt the right cloud-based communication solutions in order to keep functioning.

Remote work can make your business better

Right across Australia and the world, organisations are recognising the significant benefits of having a cloud-based workforce. According to the recent Global Workplace Survey from IWG, 85% of employers say flexible working has made their business more productive, and 67% believe flexibility will improve their productivity by at least one-fifth.

It’s not without its drawbacks, however, with some employers worried about their business continuity, remote delivery of services and products, as well as ensuring their remote workforce stays productive over the long term.

Cloud-Based Communication Solutions for Continuity / ArbITrium Technologies / ArbITech

Make your company communications cloud-ready

The answer is remote worker enablement, and that starts by adopting communications solutions that live in the cloud and allow your team to collaborate and support customers no matter where they are based – anywhere, anytime.

A flexible business communications platform should integrate calling, messaging and video solutions to enable national and international business collaboration.

This means you can eliminate expensive legacy systems, deploy a scalable cloud-based system, capture business intelligence through cloud integrations, and boost employee satisfaction by giving them the flexibility they desire – and deserve.

Key cloud-based communication solutions to focus on

More than half (54%) of HR leaders say poor technology and infrastructure are the biggest barriers to effective remote working, according to a recent Gartner poll. So if you’re not sure where to get started on your cloud comms journey, here are the five essential tools for increasing remote working productivity and maintaining customer satisfaction.

  1. Chat apps: Give staff the ability to converse and collaborate on-the-fly from their personal or work devices.
  2. Videoconferencing: There’s no need for everyone to pack into a business meeting room. Set up team meetings, brainstorming sessions or client catch-ups entirely through video chat.
  3. Flexi-phone services: Adopt a modern, cloud-based phone system that also gives employees the flexibility to integrate business-relevant apps on their devices for greater productivity and communications.
  4. Screen-sharing apps: Take workplace collaboration to the next level with easy-to-use screen-sharing tools. It’s like being able to stop at a co-worker’s desk – but entirely remote.
  5. Cloud-based project management: Project management in the cloud increases productivity and streamlines tasks. Everyone can also see what jobs they are responsible for in real-time, no matter their location.

Cloud-Based Communication Solutions for Continuity / ArbITrium Technologies / ArbITech

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